Whites need not apply: 450 companies in Canada have signed the racist BlackNorth Initiative “pledge”

Over 450 companies have signed the [racist anti-White] BlackNorth Initiative’s “pledge,” a list of promises for CEOs to adopt that include hiring [only] Black people in leadership positions. https://globalnews.ca/news/7644810/black-businesses-racism-canada/

Hiring based on skin colour is racist. ‘Being Black’ as the prerequisite to getting a job or promotion discriminates against other ethnic/racial groups. Reverse discrimination doesn’t solve inequities, it only exasperates them, causing more division and resentment in the work place.

According to a new study from researchers at Tufts University and Harvard Business School: on average, whites rated anti-white bias as more prevalent in the 2000s than anti-black bias by more than a full point on the 10-point scale. Moreover, some 11% of whites gave anti-white bias the maximum rating of 10 compared with only 2% of whites who rated anti-black bias a 10. Blacks, however, reported only a modest increase in their perceptions of “reverse racism.” https://now.tufts.edu/news-releases/whites-believe-they-are-victims-racism-more-o

Pew asked a nationally representative sample of white men with jobs in science, technology, math and engineering (or STEM) fields whether they thought their gender made it harder for them to succeed. Of the 14% who said yes, more than 1 in 10 said they had been affected by reverse discrimination. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/that-google-engineer-isnt-alone-other-white-men-say-theyre-discriminated-against-2018-01-09

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