Justin Trudeau recommends putting Blacks ahead of Whites for COVID-19 vaccinations

Many Canadians are outraged, calling Justin Trudeau racist, for recommending that Blacks be prioritized ahead of White Canadians for COVID-19 shots in the second stage of the vaccination campaign. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/racialized-adults-on-revised-federal-covid-19-vaccination-priority-list-1.5309696


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  1. YOU DONT WANT PEOPLE TO BE RACIEST but then you do and say stupid crap like this. What is wrong with you? You have brought so many migrants to Canada, You say black over whites but you do not want a war. You are creating war between everyone. You are proving that migrants and black peoples lives matter more what is wrong with you? You say we are all the same but YOU DO NOT treat people all the same. You HATE CANADA so bad why do you want to stay in office? you want a war dont you? Send me to jail I dont give a shit but leave the migrants where they are and start to take care of your own. If you are Canadian now fine but no more. JUSTIN start to listen to your people the only reason why you want more migrints is because you know they are the only people who will vote for you because you give them everything. ALL LIVES MATTER.


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