Canadian travellers who don’t show COVID-19 test threatened with jail time while migrants get a free hotel stay

Canadian travellers who fail to show proof of a negative Covid test may face criminal prosecution under pandemic controls. “There may be substantial fines going up to as much as $3,000 or even a criminal prosecution,” said Public Safety Minister Bill Blair: “Cancel your vacation plans. Stay home.”

Migrant entering Canada don’t have to show a negative COVID-19 test — they will be housed at quarantine hotels for free while awaiting the test results.

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  1. Our prime minister needs to be tried for treason


  2. what is wrong with this picture I do not care to have any more imigrints come to Canada at all. We can not even afford to take care of the Canadians we already have. They say we all get treated equal but we do not. They say black lives matter well so do whites. I am not going to shut up any longer put me in jail I do not give a shit at least well I am in there I will get my eyes done my teeth done, great health care and three meals a day because I am not able to get that outside of jail so send me to jail. NO MORE IMIGRINTS IN CANADA take care of Canadians


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