Justin Trudeau makes Omar Alghabra Minister of Transportation — former President of the Arab Foundation, which lost its federal funding due its support of terrorist groups

Justin Trudeau made Omar Alghabra Minister of Transportation, former President of the Canadian Arab Foundation. In 2009, then-Citizenship and Immigration minister Jason Kenney cut $1 million in annual funding to the Canadian Arab Federation, arguing that the group’s leadership had repeatedly expressed support for [terrorist groups] Hamas and Hezbollah. In 2009, Omar Alghabra criticized the decision to defund CAF. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/nationalpost.com/news/politics/court-backs-conservatives-funding-cut-to-anti-semitic-arab-group/wcm/dd808233-18a4-432c-a72d-44306ed488ea/amp/

Bloc Québécois leader, Blanchet, released a statement Jan. 13 that pointed a finger at Alghabra’s association with what the Bloc called “the political Islamic movement.” The leader said “questions arise” over Alghabra’s former role as head of the Canadian Arab Federation. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/bloc-leader-doubles-down-remarks-195258038.html

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  1. Canadians have lost the right to be Canadian , Trudeau & the Liberal party a treason acting government who’s aim & goal is to disempower Canada’s citizens . Use the COVID pandemic to control & disguise their actions . Actions that mirror nazism & communism . Canada use your educated mind stop this destruction . I ask polititions that have a true love of country to demand Canada , Canadians vote on their future having it pushed down our throats like French is un democratic .


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